The ALTO Daryl Anton Flute is a professional quality instrument at a cost much more accessible than other options on the market. It is an instrument of beautiful, warmth and special sound, much desired by flute players and now, more accessible to all. With inlays of seashell on the keys and double Tudel, this unique instrument is the complement that you should not miss.



Instrument Brand:

Daryl Antón Alto Flute


Sol / G

Body Material:

Silver Nickel






Inlaid Stones

Keys Closed


Around 2.0 Kg (All Packaging)

Instrument level:

Professional - Advanced

Highly recommended instrument. It is the dream complement of every flutist. This professional high quality ALTO Flute will allow you to enjoy the warm and beautiful sound of this instrument which was Theobald Bohm's favorite.

Recommended Payment Method: Debit or Credit

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To all Latin America, the United States and Europe.

We work with DHL and UPS.

Approximate Shipping Duration: 7 to 10 days

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